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Building Immunity in Our Community

You can book your COVID-19 and/or flu shot appointment by using our calendar below. You can have both shots (for flu AND COVID-19) during the same appointment slot should you choose to.

Please Note:

Along with your appointment, you MUST also fill out and submit your consent form. Without a completed consent form, we CANNOT administer the flu or COVID-19 shots.

Follow our simple process:

  1. Schedule your appointment and check your email for next steps. Note it can take up to 1hr for email to arrive due to sheer volume.
  2. Fill out the Immunization Consent Form (link in email) completely and submit it.
  3. Come to the pharmacy at your scheduled time to receive your flu and/or the COVID-19 shots.

If you DID NOT receive an email beyond the 1hr timeframe, please go HERE to fill out the Immunization Consent Form. Please note that we need you to schedule your appointment AND submit a completed consent form in order to receive the shots. Thank you for your patience and cooperation!

January 2022
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