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Integrative Approach to Comprehensive Pharmacy Care

“More conditions. More medications. More side effects. More frustration.
I wish there was a way to reduce my medication burden and take a more natural approach.”

Sound like you? Believe it or not, 60% of US adults have at least one chronic condition, like hypertension or diabetes, and about 40% of adults deal with more than one. This translates to lots of medications, lots of side effects, lots of medical appointments, and abundant frustration with our current healthcare approach. 

At Powell Pharmacy, we want to change this experience for you! We do that by embracing an Integrative Medicine Approach rather than a traditional Western Medicine approach. In order to understand this, let’s compare the traditional western medicine approach with a functional medicine approach:
Integrative Medicine vs Traditional

Integrative Medicine

So, where does Integrative Medicine Fit in? If we think of it like a Venn diagram, Integrative Medicine is the overlap between the two. It addresses the immediate need to prevent further complication by using prescription medications with intention while focusing on correcting the underlying problem with nutrition, movement, sleep, and vitamin, mineral and nutritional supplement recommendations. The goal is to find a balance between necessary prescription medications and correcting underlying causes to reduce medication burden.

So, how can we help you at Powell Pharmacy?

Chronic conditions can often be associated with vitamin, mineral or nutritional imbalances OR may require prescription medications that can cause these imbalances. We can help you identify those imbalances and correct them by making recommendations from high-quality supplements that we not only carry, but use ourselves!
If any of this resonates with you OR you simply feel curious to learn more, you can schedule a comprehensive medication review with one of our clinical pharmacists. During the 30 minute appointment, we will review all of your medications, look for any medication related problems, answer questions, and recommend which supplements will work best for you.

Call us to book your comprehensive medication review appointment. 

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